January 2024 - March 2024
Project Summary: Develop a website for a  made-to-order cookie company based in Sydney, Australia. Work with the business owner to develop a brand that fulfills her goals for her business.  
Throughout my initial call with my client, I was able to outline her goals for her website, and her business. We identified the things that were important to her to have on her website, like highlighting the high quality ingredients, and allowing customers to order custom cookie boxes easily. 
My client already had a logo partially developed for her brand, and I used this and her business goals to create a brand palette and finalize the logo. Since one of the features of her business was seasonal and holiday cookie gift boxes, I kept the core palette of the company simple so it can be paired with many other colors for specific holidays.

Below, are some initial wireframes for the website.
My initial design for the homepage was based on a storefront for a cookie company. I included a carousel at the top of the homepage which would scroll between an order page, a corporate box order page, and the seasonal boxes page. This would allow my client to simultaneously advertise her seasonal cookie flavors and gift boxes, as well as allowing users to reach the order page immediately from the homepage. 
Below are screenshots of the actual website, made in WordPress with custom CSS. I used some minor animation in the website design to add to the whimsy of the site, as well as make users feel more like they are in a bustling cookie shop. 
Below is a link to the finished website
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